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This Week's Theme: SECRETS

This Week's Questions:

1. Without giving to much info, what is the biggest secret you've ever kept?

Haha If I told you then it wouldn't be a secret...then I'd have to kill you and no one wants that. Besides I really do  not look good in orange

2. Have you ever kept a secret from your Significant Other? Do you think he/she has kept any from you?

 Yes and yes.  Although nothing to earth shattering atleast on my part .

3. Who is the first person you would automatically want to tell a secret to?

My guy. I tell him almost everything even if he doesn't want to know lol.
But, honestly I see no need to have secrets.

4. Any secrets you want to get off your chest? Even if it's from the third grade, still counts.


5. Are you good at keeping secrets? Why or why not? 

It depends on the secret. I'm not one to spread gossip so if I'm asked not to tell I wouldn't. I'm not good at keeping my own secrets 

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Next week's theme: DRAMA
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  1. hi i am your new follower come check out mine

  2. I'm the same as you. I'm great at keeping other people's secret. Seriously, nothing could drag it out of me. My own secrets though? Psh. I'm an open book.

  3. I nominated you for an award if you'd like to check it out. xoxo