Get Real for Gratitude

I love when the holidays approach and people suddenly decide to start behaving like proper humans. For instance being just a little nicer to people because after all it's Christmas time...and what? Are you afraid Santa is going to put you on the naughty list. Oh no! And by just becoming a decent person who is slightly tolerable to be around for only one month before Christmas will fool Santa into believing you are actually a good person. Are you trying to tell me I can behave like a spoiled brat 10 months out of the year but as soon as November arrives I can be grateful and nice and no one will remember just what a Bitch I really am? 

I can't help but notice that every November facebook blows up with people posting about how grateful they are. It always starts out nice like "I'm so grateful for my family" and by the end of the month people are posting shit like "I'm so grateful for mashed potatoes, yummy" Really, STFU. Not everyone is like that but I think we all have those friends. Don't get me wrong I love that people take the time to state what that grateful for but I could do without seeing your love for mashed freaking potatoes. Nobody gives a shit. Why don't you try being grateful for something real, like the fact that I haven't cyber-slapped you.

It's those people who sit around whining and complaining all year long how life has shit all over them and they just can't understand why. Saying, "I'm a good person I deserve better" and bitching about every person they know but as soon as November hits they are suddenly all appreciative and grateful. Now they can see the beauty in life. Oh Please. I want to say this to THOSE people. Listen up cupcake....Life can be beautiful and wonderful all year long! All you have to do is stop complaining and look around or at the very least surround yourself with people who are much worse off than you then you will automatically feel better about your life. See? It's that easy. 

I have been challenged to name the things that I am truly grateful for. I know it's November and totally cliche but since I'm a bitch all year long and a hypocrite too...I figure what the hell. I rarely turn down a here ya go.

God and Jesus Christ: I know not everyone is a believer and I'm certainly not here to preach to anyone. I was raised a Christian but never attended church, that I remember. I vaguely knew a little bit about Jesus and we celebrated Christmas but I knew little more than that. As I became an adult I learned a bit more from people I'll call true believers, you know the ones. They attend church every week and commit every thing they are to being a Christ lover. I won't lie I thought these people were crazy. It wasn't until Rylan died that I started my own journey into faith. I am grateful, not for how I came to be more of Christian, but for finding my way here. There have been many times in the past year and a half that strengthen my faith in Christ and his love for me. Plus I'm a sinner and well you know the rest....

My family: (you saw that coming, didn't you?) But I truly am grateful for my family. Each one of my crazy children keep me going everyday. Without them I'd probably have a life of silence, a clean house, a ton of money and be able to take a vacation to the beach whenever I want. That doesn't sound good me, no it doesn't...really. I enjoy every crazy moment I share with them and thank God every night for giving me one more day with them. Rylan, because he gives me a reason to be a good person. I am grateful for Aaron. I am grateful they he is not afraid.  Not afraid to be part of our crazy family, take me on (that says a lot) and my 3 children, to keep going after Rylan died, to stay by my side everyday. I'm grateful for my parents for teaching me how to be independent and for showing me unconditional love. I'm grateful for my sisters and their husbands because even though we may not always agree we know that family is important. 

My friends: I am grateful for my friends, all of them. Whether they are friends I talk to everyday, share all my craziness with, talk to only occasionally, connect with only online, however often I communicate with them they are all important to me.

My house: Mostly because Aaron worked his ass off to get it for us. And it is really a great house! I am grateful to have a house to live in. I am grateful my children have such a wonderful home to grow up in. I am grateful for all the love that this house holds. I am grateful for the items in our house (yes I'm that shallow) but mostly it's because I've lived with nothing. There was a brief time in my life where the only thing we had were our clothes. So that makes me appreciate having things now.

My car: Because let's face it walking everywhere would really suck. Plus it's a really awesome ride.

My camera. I'm grateful for my camera because it captures memories that we will cherish forever. As my children grow, we change and our environment changes pictures become so important to me. Not a day goes by that I don't take a few photographs. 

Technology: I'm grateful for technology of any type really. I've visited the Amish people of Pennsylvania, um no thank you. I love the people in my life but I don't actually want to interact with them in person all the time. Phones because they make it possible to keep in touch, Television because it makes each day less boring, plus seeing all those really screwed up people on reality shows makes me feel normal, Computers because they allow me to express my feelings here in the blogging world and stay connected with those I wouldn't if it wasn't so freaking convenient 

America and it's defenders: I am grateful to live in such a country where we are able to have freedom where we are able to make our own choices. But America would be nothing if it wasn't for our True Heroes  the men and women who proudly serve our country. I am more than grateful for those in our US Military. They are away from their families for months, years even missing out on all the wonders we take for granted. I want to send out a huge THANK YOU to our Heroes  So this holiday season while you are enjoying your families don't forget those who are away from theirs. 

That really was no challenge because these are the things I am grateful for everyday, not just in November. If we take a moment at the end of every day to acknowledge the good things in our lives we might just live a little happier. I have a challenge for all of you. On January 1, 2013 I am launching a 365 day project...basically in addition to daily gratitude all you have to do is participate in at least one random act of kindness every day for the WHOLE year. It doesn't need to be anything major just as long as you make a conscious effort to do something nice for someone else. Are you up for the challenge? Plus you can still act like a shithead for the next 4 weeks. I promise I won't tell Santa. ;)


  1. Thank you for sharing Rylan and yourself with us. I wish none of us had to live in a world without our child/ children. Sending hope and hugs.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to read our story.