2012-- A year review

 As 2012 comes to a close I think back to a lot of exciting things that happen to our family this year and I wanted to take a minute to reflect on a few of the biggies!

1.We made it through both Rylan's first birthday and first anniversary in Heaven. It sucked I'm not going to lie, it totally sucked. I have a feeling the stress of it all is why my meds failed causing Blayn to be born early. Everyone says it gets easier, I'm still waiting. But it was a huge step to handle the two first anniversaries and not have a serious meltdown. On Rylan's birthday I spent most of the day at the cemetery with my baby. I wished him a happy birthday at 10:53am, the very time he was born a year before. Aaron did this pay it forward thing where he spent the day doing really nice things for people and only if they asked him would he tell them "It's for my 3 week old son who died, today is his birthday pay it forward" I love this. Hopefully a tradition we will carry forward for the rest of our lives. On May 28th his first anniversary in Heaven we spent the day with Aaron's sister and her boyfriend. We went to the cemetery for a bit, then we went to lunch and to see Men in Black 3. We did what we could to keep the day fun. At the end of the day the contractions were growing more intense I went back to the hospital where I stayed over night an ended up having Blayn the next day.

2.We welcomed our lovely rainbow baby, Blayn into our family on May 29th. It was a long scary road having another baby after our loss. But, it was the best decision we could have made. Blayn is such a joy, everyday is wonderful watching his older siblings interact with him and the way he responds to them. Being able to watch him grow, develop and learn is truly amazing. All the baby giggles and gummy smiles are the best gift we could have received this year.

My dad, My step mom, Me, Aaron and Blayn
3.Lauren met her biological father and I met mine. Throw in a step mom and a sister for each of us. Plus Lauren also has a brother. I won't go into details here. Her dad and I were teenagers when I got pregnant with her. We went our separate ways, the end. Well until this year when she met him and his family. I was raised by a wonderful man I call dad but who is in fact my step dad. I love him with all my heart. There was always part of me that wanted to know where the hell my biological father was and why he was never in my life. In 2008 I looked him up on Google and called him but it wasn't until this year that I met him, face to face. I also got to meet my sister and step mom!

4.We bought a house! We looked at houses for months before we decided to look at this one. I think we both knew right away this was the one. It has plenty of room for our large family. The 14+ acres of land is more than enough for the kids to play in. Next year we will start the renovations on the yard, master bath and kitchen. I can not wait.

5. Mason started kindergarten! It constantly amazes me how quickly children grow up. It feels like just yesterday my baby boy was just a baby. Just teaching him how to walk and talk, finally understanding what he says and now here he is a school boy. Craziness!

6.We went to Texas! I am originally from Texas but now living in New Hampshire. We didn't go to my home town but we were in the same state!! I know it's a big state and we were 5 hours away from my home town but still we were in the same state. I think that's pretty awesome.

7.Aaron and I got engaged! I've already been married once and divorced. I said that I would never marry again. But when you find a man who treats you well, is willing to be a father to 3 children who aren't his, is someone who you miss when he is gone even if it's only been an hour since you saw him, is someone you can't imagine life without no matter how hard it gets you just have to throw caution to the wind and just do it.

Whew it's been a busy year and these are just a few of the things that happened in 2012. Looking forward to 2013 we already have a lot planned. Bring on the New Year!!