The day that changed my life

It may sound strange that a home pregnancy test may have had the biggest impact in my life. But, the day that  a little white stick soaked in my urine determined my fate was one I will never forget. Ever.
Whether you are trying to get pregnant or taken by surprise those 3 minutes waiting for a yes or no are the longest 3 minutes of your life (until the delivery that is) 

I was 17 years old, I had missed two, ok three periods (I'm still a little in denial about how long I actually waited) before I nervously took myself down to the store to purchase a few of those little life changers. One is never enough. I think I had three of them. I planned to take one that night and one the next night and then the next night.

After very carefully reading every detail of the directions, shaking and terrified I took out the test. I peed. I waited the excruciating 3 minutes only to find...

What the fuck? Positive.

This can't be. This really can't be. I mean I know I've missed a few periods and I've been throwing up every damn day. But, I can not be pregnant.

Ok, I'll take another test. I reread the directions. I must have messed it up somehow. I peed. I waited another even more excruciating 3 minutes. Again, what the fuck? Positive.

I'm starting to think I might be pregnant. But I better take that 3rd test just to be sure. Once more I peed, I waited and you guessed it I got another positive.

And that was the day I become a statistic. A teenage pregnancy, before it was cool, thanks MTV.

But. It was also the day my life changed forever. Instantly loving the little human growing in my belly. It was the moment I became a MOM.

I don't encourage teenage pregnancy but I wouldn't change having my lovely daughter for anything in the world.

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  1. Awww adorable! I wasn't much older when I had my first (21) ;)