Surprise...I'm pregnant, baby announcements!

No, I'm not pregnant..I've been fixed. Or as my doctor argues the pc term is sterilized. Whatever you call it. I ain't ever gonna have any more babies!

I have been pregnant 5 times.Why didn't anyone tell me that you are supposed to make a big deal out of announcing your pregnancy? Seriously, if I had been told I would have announced my pregnancy like this:

Me: You know what me and my oven have in common?
Other person: What?
Me: We're both baking something.

Now, If I hadn't been puking my brains out I might have even made them a homemade baked good. Might have, but probably not.

There are tons of cute little pregnancy announcement ideas on Pinterest and some scarier ones.
But, seriously who do you send these pregnancy announcements to?
Like this:
Not sure if I should congratulate her or send my sympathy, Sure hope her pregnancy got better. Yikes!

Where are they going to put baby #3?

Someone isn't happy. Good luck parents to be.

Wow. That was quick.


  1. Haha I like the only child expiring one lol

  2. Your captions are what made me laugh the hardest.

  3. Creepy all around... (great idea for a post, though!)

  4. I am so thoroughly entertained! <3 I look forward to seeing what your blog has to offer!!! More humor, I hope!

  5. The one with the belly poking out behind the tree... not sure what they were thinking. .. it just doesn't look right. But I do like the one about single child expiring!

  6. Haha, the belly and the tree - WTF?!?
    LOVE LOVE LOVE the wife throwing up one!! How funny!!

    P.S. I was recently nominated for the Liebster Award & I listed your blog along with 10 others to participate.
    You can read about it here:

    If you don't want to participate, you don't have to! :)

    1. I'll be happy to participate Marissa. Thank you. I'll get right on that after I recover from the stomach bug my lovely children decided to share, aren't they generous?