Today I am supposed to write about something I wish I could change in my life. The obvious answer would be that I wish my son, Rylan hadn't died. But I don't need to keep writing about the same ol' thing. We miss him terribly but we know he is always with us.

I could write about how I wish my ex-husband was easier to deal with. We have children together and he just simply will not negotiate or compromise on anything. It is very tiresome and my children end up suffering in the end. However, for the sake of trying to keep things civil I will not allow myself to "bash" him or his personality flaws.

What is the point of discussing something I wish I could change but can not? I would rather tell you about something I plan to change. See I was never what you would call an ambitious person. During high school I cared to much about my friends, social life and having a good time. And, not enough about my grades and my future. I had no goals, no dreams, no focus and no plans to attend college.

I had absolutely no clue what I wanted to do with my life. I still don't really but I have a better understanding of who I am and what I want. So the thing I'd change is that I want to set goals and find a career doing something I love. It's never to late, right?

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  1. Girl I swear we are twins. I had the same issue in high school and I am working but its not a career that I want to do. I'm thinking of going back to school too to do what I want to do (maybe a cake business)? ;)